My dream 24K home

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I joined new office last month and was very happy …. Because I heard that the renovation work will start in next week. It’s so amazing, you start a new work and immediately you get the opportunity to have holiday. But then second week I saw everyone is busy in suggesting their views for renovation.
I don’t know how, but even I started searching online different sites so that I can contribute my part for renovation of the new office. Everyone else was giving their opinion regarding wall color, bathroom fittings and other furniture. But I thought my suggestion should be something special, so that my creativity will be noticed by my new collogues. To my surprise, my Indiblogger account helped me truly, as  #happyhour post topic was about #24KLiving. I landed on the website and was excited to see the various options for home and office decorations.

I suggested other office mates about the innovative Demountable ceilings , as I believe ceiling also play an important role in office atmosphere. Everyone liked this suggestion with the unique style of customizing the roof. This Metallic Ceiling was just looking fantastic at the same time providing proper space for lighting and other installations such as speakers. And the silver color was looking amazing and was perfect matching with other office furniture as well as light wall color.

After everyone was taking interest in my suggested options of the ceiling, we further started looking for the matching wall options and other accessories. We found Metal effect wall tiles which would go perfect with the ceiling we have selected.

kitchen1After this selecting the office decoration items, I couldn’t stop myself from selecting few things that would be great for my dream home too.
I loved the kitchen furniture, specially the countertops. I have selected one for my dream home which will best suits my kitchen requirement and storage needs. Enough of storage place, simple and bright white color. This will give a lot energy while cooking. Wall facing sink will be easier to work with wet. Just above the sink, handy cabinet to store the things. I found Porcelanosa have specially designed this kitchens furniture for me with perfect functionality and a lot space that will make daily tasks easier. I loved the kitchen chimney design too. I think this modular kitchen design is specially made for my dream home.

vestidor_gamadecor_03What is the must have furniture  for my dream home… A perfect wardrobe.  Buying dresses is my second hobby. I can’t stop myself from buying a costume even though I am not thinking to buy it. So for this I really need a laaaaaaaaaarge wardrobe. Just like this one….here I can choose my dress very easily. Spacious place to hang the clothes . Nice drawers  to keep my jewellery, shoes and bags handy. This will save my time for searching matching pairs

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freeteThe famous movie character Bunty and Bubli reached the very small village, Rampur. You must be aware of these famous movie character and there “karnamas” in movie. When they reached Rampur, Bubli was excited to see the greenery everywhere and the beauty of that small village. Since they decided to leave their past in town and start new life in some small village, they both found Rampur perfect for their rest of life.

They taken tonga from station and reached the Rampur. Babli was excited when she was watching old temple, well, bullock-kart, rice paddy while they was in tonga. They taken one small hut on rent and dreamed to have their own house in this village very soon.

2But the next day Bunty found that Babli is not happy. He was curious …. What made Babli so disturbed.Finally he broke the silence and asked her and was surprised to what she replied. Babli was not happy with the sanitation system followed by the villagers. Bundty laughed and said “this is the system followed for years, in almost all the villages. You never knew about it?” Babli said “I lived in city since my childhood and it is very difficult for me to adjust with this system.” Bunty asked her to adjust herself with this sanitation system of the village followed for years.

However, Babli thought something and decided to start the awareness among the villagers. This was difficult but not impossible. So she started having word with the neighboring women. To her surprise, they were not at all careful about this matter. She started explaining them the disadvantages of defecating in open and how it will adversely affect their life. Babli was aware that if she could make understand the importance of toilet to every woman of village, then it is very easy to spread the message with others. If one woman is educated, then her family gets that knowledge automatically.

4Babli then visited the school master. With the school teacher’s help, she gave a different approach to her ‘open-defecation’ free village. She also taken initiative to build one common toilet in the village with the help of Sarpanch. But still few person refused to cooperate Babli’s campaign. So she used the idea that villagers in one of the small village of MP has followed. She gave whistles to kids and asked them to whistle it, if they see any one defecating in open. This will make that person ashamed of it. And it worked.

Basically Babli found that there are 2 different approaches, one is inadequacy of toilets and the habits of the people. Constructing toilets is not enough. There has to be social awareness among the rural people about it. Domex , a known sanitation brand is trying to provide the long term sanitation solution through their Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme. You can contribute for their efforts just by one click. With your every click , Domex will contribute Rs.5 for making villages open defecation free.


Post written to support the Domex and indiblogger initiative

Every year 80% new resolutions are of ‘writing diary every day’. On first week of January,, the enthusiasm of writing finds that one page is too short. By the end of February, we end up in writing only one or two-line. I am not saying that everyone does it , most of the diary writing resolution has short endurance. I realized the reason why it happens when I received a collection of diary, notebook & journal from MatrikaS as a part of Blogger Outreach Program. With such cute diaries, no one will think about giving up their resolution of writing diaries.

The first product is Sai Baba journal. The embossed outer cover has image of Sa Baba along with combination of “Om” symbol on left side. It has 12 pages where one can write the important notes, month wise action plan. The first page has all the important information which can be easily used by others in emergency. The next page contains short biography of Sai Baba . The inner pages has “ Om” printed on it at the top left hand corner. And every alternate page has Inspiring quotes on inner pages



I gifted this journal to mom on her birthday. The true gift for the devotee of Sai Baba. And I can not write her expression in words….she was so happy to have such innovative gift.
Product Name : Note Book (Journal)
Inner :Ruled
Size/ Pages – STD/224
Product Code – JRNL-STD-SAI BABA
Price: Rs 215/- per piece

2 a

???????????????????????????????The second product is a small compact blue Planner with a band. I love the blue color, so the moment I saw it I loved it. Very smooth touch of the outer cover, it is a not normal diary which comes with rexin or very thick plastic covers. The size of this journal is so compact that it can fir in my purse. I is handy to jot down my thoughts anywhere even though I am travelling.I can keep important loose papers in a small envelope provided at the inner page of back side of this journal. And there is no fear to lose those chits with the safety band.This compact and unique style journal is just for me with my favorite blue color.
Product Name : Note Book (Journal)
Inner :Ruled
Size/ Pages :A5/256 P
Product Code – CW-P-JRNL-A5-BLUE
Price – Rs 360 per piece


8 bThe third notebook is with black cloth binding and metallic green color used for the cover page. This is just perfect for my son who is studying engineering. He loves snake and ladder, since his childhood. And who doesn’t like this game? This notebook is not just good for college students but professionals would also like it with the color divider for 6 different segments. This color divider helps to organize 6 different subjects separately and get it handy as required.

Product Name : Note Book (6 subject)
Inner :Ruled
Size/ Pages :A4/288 P
Product Code – 6 SUB – A4 – R A
Price – Rs 277/- per piece


???????????????????????????????The forth Product is multipurpose cube Works Ring book. The cover page of this note book is Hard-laminate dark pink and with collage of small doodles all over it. It’s really compact and easy to maintain notes. It is unique with its spiral metal binding. Can be used as support while writing if you are travelling.
Size/ Pages :A5 /160 P
Product Code – CW – RB –A5 – PINK
Price – Rs 110/- per piece

These Premium paper products from MatrikaS are perfect Gifting choice this festival.
My sincere thanks to team Maitrikas for sending me these products in exchange of an honest review. This post is a part of Blogger Outreach Program in association with MatrikaS. You will find more details of these awesome paper products on and

Sweet little girl

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This is the chapter XXIV aka 19 (Round 3 )of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of#CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter  , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Roohi was feeling drowsy. But that small kid was very confused about all the incidents that were happening around her. Her thoughts were very loud, ‘Mamma was right….I am a bad girl…If I would have not gone away from my mom and dad, I would have been at home. I would have been having dinner with my papa and mamma. Though they fight sometimes with each other, they both love me. Mamma always helps me in my activities completion. Papa helps me in writing essays.

Photo : huffingtonpost

‘My papa is so strong. That man would never have even touched me. My dad would have given him a nice punch. How he picked me rashly. My dad always takes care of me. Okay, I appreciate that he gave me chips…. But still I didn’t like that person.

‘Actually I liked that aunty…. Jenni aunty… she is so cute. Her camera was awesome too. …How about having such camera for us? I will ask Mamma to gift me a camera, this birthday.’ Roohi smiled thinking about her idea of birthday gift.

Roohi then remembered the drive she had with Jenni. ‘My mamma says that we should never talk to a stranger. But, this stranger Jenni aunty shared coffee with me. She was just like a Superwoman … WoW…the way she was driving the bike!

‘She even tried to take me to grandpa’s house. But that bad guy…She is not strong at all…She could not fight with him….my papa is right… I should learn karate. It is very necessary. If I will learn karate…then I will fight with such bad guys. I will never ever disobey my papa now. But when I will see him?

Grandpa is also not with me now….why he went outside…What if that man appears here again?

Shall I call Mamma and Papa? I am feeling so lonely here…But both of them surely going to scold me….No…No…I will ask grandpa to call them, when he will back….’

In between her thoughts, Roohi sobbed to sleep.


Krishna was sitting near the bed and was watching Roohi. He felt proud of himself. He was with Mr.Gupta since childhood. His father also served Mr.Gupta. He always proved to be a helping hand to Badi Maa (Tara’s mom). He was in school when Tara madam got married. He has learned computer, just because Tara madam encouraged him to learn.



Just fifteen days back Krishna was as usual busy in taking down information on phone to convey Mr.Gupta. Suddenly he had heard some whisper near him and he instantly felt suspicious. He was shocked when he heard Tara’s conversation on mobile. Definitely she was not talking with Shekhar.  He thought that her Tara madam is in some trouble and needs his help. He rushed to the place outside where she was talking but she had left by then.

After giving it some thought, he decided to inform Bade Babu (Mr.Gupta) about it, all in the interest of Tara and Roohi.

When Krishna reached Mr.Gupta’s bedroom, he was in a hurry as he had to rush to attenda seminar and before that he had to give some instructions to his staff over the phone. He looked at Krishna and asked, “Yes Krishna? You need something?”

“Bade Babu, there is something I must tell you.”

“Krishna, we will speak in the evening. I am very busy right now,” Gupta was firm as well as polite.

“Bade Babu, it is urgent… Tara Madam,” Krishna struggled to speak.

“Yes I know she just left. If you want something from her, call her.”

“No Bade babu, our Roohi baby…” and Krishna stopped.

“Look Krishna, I am being late…. Tell me in short. I have no time.”

“Bade babu, our Roohi is in danger.” And he explained to him about Tara’s conversation on phone. Mr. Gupta got worried and startled when he heard that Tara was being threatened by someone. He immediately asked Krishna to keep a watch on Roohi. “Be with her, everywhere she goes. But take care that no one notices you. No one should understand that you are taking care of her. And keep informing me every 2 hours,” he ordered.

Returning back to the present,Krishna continued to look at Roohi who was sleeping peacefully. ‘What would have happened to her if he would have not followed Dutta’s family to Roohi’s school?’ Krishna thought and shuddered a bit.

Then he remembered that he has to call Mr. Gupta.

What is Mr.Gupta’s next step?
When this sweet girl will reunite with her parents? Find out here

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A mail from Blogadda was the best gift I ever received. And why I would not be excited? It was about registration of social media event as a part of #CelebrateBlogging. Being a digi soul, I just grabbed this opportunity to learn more about social media from digital experts from India as well as abroad.

I have used #smwmumbai and many of my friends were eager to know what it is? It is a worldwide event held at the same time in 11 cities like Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Mumbai, Rome, Rotterdam, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Johannesburg. The agent of this event was exploring the social media impact on us. Social media has become a necessity and it has various social and economical aspects involved in it. The discussion also involved its impact on various industries like health care, travel and other businesses. At Social Media Week’, the world’s most reputed influencers, India’s social media savvy politicians and authors shared their perspectives.

Due to some misunderstanding I missed the first day events. I was feeling alone as my other friends could adjust their schedule to attend this event. But to my surprise I did not get time to think about even breakfast and lunch as I had social media on menu all the day. There were 4 sessions going simultaneously at the venue, Hotel Novotel, Juhu.


I attended the session on 23rd :
• Social content 101: Payal Shaha, Varun Duggirala
• Content and social media marketing on budget:
Navneet Kaushal
• Brand you
• Overview of digital marketing tools
• The age of branded content

What I Learned: Why content marketing is necessary? How content helps to maximize online conversion? At the same time it also increases brand reach. How content distribution should be done? And got content curate tips on too. I liked the session where I learned four Ws of Branding our self. It is also very much possible to influence our community by using four c’s. In short I can say that we need to focus on creating content, curate the content wisely, collaborate it and then see our self as actually turning into a brand.


I attended the session on 24th :

• Social media and travel
• Impact of social media on healthcare
• How to become big if you are making your own app
• Redefining a tourism destination to a tourism brand – Goa

What I Learned: Nowadays every business owner wants to have their own app. One delegate asked the smart question, and we got the answer for it. Before having an own app, reviewing help us a lot. Through intellectual reviews we can figure out how well it will help to our customers. Creating our own app, just because others are having apps is not the right strategy.

I am working on travel and skincare portal. Therefore today’s, other two sessions were equally important for me. Chitresh Sinha redefined tourism destination to a tourism BRAND. The interesting part was how they use their caption in different way. The interesting part

Panel of Dr. S. M. Akerkar, Dinesh Chindarkar, Dr. Aniruddha Malpani discussed various points about using social media for health care. Most of the time patients do not want to expose their illness on public domain. However, Rahul Avasthy explained with one video that how impressively video can effectively used for health care.

25I attended the session on 25th :
• Speed blogging & ‘tweetathon’
• Doubleclick digital marketing secrets:
• Artist – fan direct connect
• Social media for lead generation & sales

What I Learned:
DoubleClick , the paid service is useful for better reach, better targeting & better results. The remarketing discussed in this session was too interesting.The panel with Musician Lesle Lewis discussed how he is dealing with the growing demands of social media.

It was a great experience to meet various renowned people from different sectors like health, music, business and journalism. This year I could just attend 3 days and I missed few sessions too. Now I started planning for my #smwmumbai 2015, so that I will not miss a single day. Big thanks to Blogadda for providing me an opportunity to attend knowledge base fun event.

We rocked #WordUp with BigRock

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Why we don’t miss indimeet? We know, it is always fun!

IMG_0152The #WordUp #BigRock event at Blue Frog was memorable as the earlier Play Date with Dove. When I registered the event was supposed  to start by 11 and then one my friend messaged me that now the timing has changed and it will start from 9 in the morning. It was bit difficult to reach Lower Parel by 9. But I could see myself on 14 positions to register for the event. There was a lucky draw for the first 50 IndiBloggers to register at the event. Unfortunately I was not the lucky one to win an amazing new Moto G. Anyways there were other many fun activities like selfie, tweeting for each session. Again big no for any of these contests. But still I enjoyed the event as there was more than entertainment in this event.

And even I met new friends and few friends whom I was knowing online , but never met before.The whole day was enjoyable with great talk of speakers like Harsh Agarwal of, Sunit Singh, Vinit Goenka, Anshul Tewari and Amit Agarwal. I learned a lot about SEO , the importance of wordpress , few quick tips of SEO that we can apply even for free blogs. Since I do use wordpress , I do agree with what he suggested about plugins and seo tips.

IMG_0195Though “Content is king” , we have learned from Scherezade Shroff that how videos can boom and with no text can rank #1. I really wonder how Scherezade manage to handle taking videos, interacting with her readers continuously.  And then Snigdha Manchanda also revealed  interesting 7 story secret . Content in the form of video has been again proved right with ‘Chai with Sunit Singh’ We have seen a wonderful online talk show video, ‘Chai with Lakshmi’.


The event ended with the hair down activity….and we all wished Anu on her birthday. It was a memorable birthday celebration of my best friend Anu Goel. We started our journey back to home with the fantastic goodies as usual!…. Before I forget to mention… the t-shirt was so nice this time…My son has grabbed it….

Clues of Roohi’s kidnap

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Circle of Deceit – Level 2

This is the  chapter XII aka 12 (Round 2)of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of#CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter here , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Shekhar flipped through the last two pictures after that one and in each picture the man appeared in the same body language and facial expressions. He thought, why is he constantly looking at my little daughter in this manner? Did Shekhar just find a clue to his missing daughter?

“Jennifer, can I ask you something if you are feeling fine?” Shekhar asked Jennifer.

Jenni looked at Shekhar’s puzzled face and said “Yes, Mr.Dutta… I am alright now. Please carry on.”

Shekhar, while pointing on one of the snaps she took, pointed towards the mysterious man in its background said, “This man in black jacket is keeping a watch on both of you while you both were in that coffee shop. Did you notice this man when you were talking to Roohi? I find his expression and body language suspicious.”


Photo : Google

As Jennifer glanced over the photo, her expression turned from curiosity to shock in a span of a couple of seconds. She almost shouted, “Oh… Mr. Dutta… He is the man… I remember his black jacket and his yellow and white stripped t-shirt.

“He is the same man who dashed my bike and snatched your daughter from me. Though he was wearing a helmet, I remember his florescent attire very well. “

Shekhar was speechless for few seconds with an open mouth. Although he had felt something fishy about this man, he hadn’t expected it to be such a major clue behind his missing daughter. He finally asked while trying to hide his feelings of shock as well as worry for his daughter, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, very much,” Jenni said.

“I want these pictures. I have my laptop in my car. I will just be back.”

Shekhar immediately brought his laptop and transferred all the images to it. This is going to be a very important clue to find my sweet heart, he thought.


Photo : Google

He immediately called Tara. He was eager to know what her sources have found till now. As he now had a solid proof of his daughter beingkidnapped,he was of the opinion to contact police. However, Tara didn’t answer his call. Shekhar was puzzled. Is she busy in contacting someone? Or … I just don’t wish to think anything negative…

Is it something related to her work? May be she is involved in some case as a part of her social media profession …may be she is part of a professional sting operation that has touched raw nerves… and may be those people are behind Roohi’s kidnapping …That is why she wants to police not to interfere?

I think it is better go to Mr. Gupta’s place and find out whether she has reached there safely or not… It’s almost 8 years, I neither been to his place nor have I spoke to him. Let me call him and find out whether Tara is there… Shekhar started dialing his father-in-law’s number.

He was finding it embarrassed to call is father-in-law. He thought…now Mr.Gupta will definitely blame me for everything that has happened. He will say that I am not the right person at all to take care of his daughter. How I will face him? I really don’t like this man. But I do not have any other option now. While thinking about Tara and Mr. Gupta, Shekhar reached his car. Finally he made up his mind that he has to reach his father-in-law’s place. He instilled some courage to face that rich man.

On his way, Shekhar was once again bombarded by his thoughts. Why anyone kidnap a person belonging to a middle class family? Oh….Let me reach Mr.Gupta’s place and see if I am able to make any headway into the case. Find out what happened next

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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Lost Love

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Circle of Deceit – Level 1

This is the  chapter VII aka 7 (Round 1) of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter here , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Will the innocent little girl be mercilessly killed?

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

Roohi, while struggling with the packet of chips, turned her head and noticed the stranger approaching towards her and that too with a knife. She wanted to shout but could not….she could just blame herself for the foolishness she did today….O…My Mama, Papa…just scold me….but this is just unbelievable….I am going to die today….I just want to be with my mama – papa….Please someone help me….. She wanted to scream loud but fright had the better of her voice.

Tara said, “Shekhar, hurry up! Go home and check if Roohi has reached there. Meanwhile I will try to call her best friends. Do not forget to check with neighbors too.”

After giving lot of instructions to Shekhar, Tara hurriedly dialed a number and started talking in a very low voice.

Shekhar thought for a second…Good… that at least she has all those connections with police. Otherwise, these police men, they won’t consider common man’s complaint. But, why they could not find her yet? In fact, when we were having an argument outside the school, it was just a matter of few minutes in which Roohi disappeared. Plus, even Tara called her sources immediately. Roohi cannot go too far in such a small span of time. Why Tara’s reliable sources are taking so long to find my little princess?

He stole a last speculative glance at his wife as he drove away and found her whispering on her cell.. He totally forgot the serious situation they were facing for few seconds. All of sudden he wondered,“What happened to my love, my wife…. Do I really know her? Is it the same ‘Tara’ whom I loved madly? Why she has changed?”

Image courtesy :

Image courtesy : Google

He remembered the college days, when they used to go for long rides. She had a habit of telling all stories about her friends. Her never ending stories… her sweet voice, her lovely innocent words…. And now ….. she is with me but we are like strangers. She is not sharing anything with me. She knows just to yell at me and nothing else…Infact we had met first time, when I wrote for college magazine. And as a CR of college she congratulated me… Then it went on… we met in various college fests, campaign and every time she praised for my writing. But now she can’t even spare few minutes to read my stories or give me some moral support. She doesn’t even bother to look at what I write.

Am I expecting a lot? I just want her with me for few moments. Where has that love vanished? Why money is so important in life? I am fed up to have this smiling face all the time. Why should I hide my worries behind the smile always? What’s the use of it? Tara doesn’t even notice it. She is just worried about the money…

Suddenly Shekhar found himself near the gate of his society. “Oh….. I reached home….I hope, Roohi is safe!”

He got down from his car, which he parked outside the society compound. But then his eyes fell on the lock. Worse, even their neighbor’s house was locked. Oh… so Roohi is not here….. Even Tara hasn’t called…..

He rushed back to his car and called Tara, “Tara!!!!!!  Roohi is not at home! Did you call her friends? Any clue?”

“No Shekhar! She is not with any of her friends……I guess ….I mean….let me check, if she is with Papa.”

Shekhar,“She has never been alone anywhere. Do you think she will be there …..I mean, how is she going to reach a place as far as Walkeshwar?”

“Since papa is not in town. I will go home and check personally.”

Shekhar thought for a second and said, “Wait! Let us go together. I will catch you near Mr.Gupta’s house.”

Tara was surprised because in last ten years Shekhar never had been to her papa’s place, alhough he never restricted her from going there. She has noticed often that, his ever smiling face changes whenever shegoes to meet her papa. She wondered, Oh…is my Shekhar back? Both of us cannot live without Roohi… She is our life…..The only thing which is holding me and Shekhar is Roohi….


Image courtesy

Within few minutes she found Shekhar’s car approaching towards her. She rushed and threw herself inside the car. Their car hurried towards the villa of Mr. Rameshwar Gupta, Mumbai’s great industrialist.

As their car took second turn, Tara saw a woman riding a bike on the left of the road, and then she saw the broken helmet and got alarmed … She screamed, “Stop the car Shekhar!”

Who was that lady? Is she Jenifer? Is she in a condition to convey to Shekhar and Tara that their beloved princess is in danger? To know what happened next, click HERE 


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Bring change through Indichange

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IndiChange - Harnessing the collective power of blogging to fight evil.

Hope these images are more than enough to share the efforts taken by Milap organisation regarding the needy people.

Making of dream Mahal

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Whenever we plan for vacations, my first choice is visiting forts, palaces and mahals. I still remember my visit to Jaiselmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Chitodgarh. It was just unforgettable vacation to Rajasthan. Lovely weather, nice people, superb food and tremendous beauty of architectural buildings.

Whenever I look at photos of Rajasthan trip, I desperately feel that I should have born in those eras. The beauty of mahals and palaces mesmerize me. Various accessories in the museums tell us the glorious history of ancient India. If I would have born in those era’s what would I have added in my mahal….. ya in my own mahal!

Firstly I would have given preference to silver items. And wooden carved items would also be preferred in my dream mahal. My dream mahal would definitely have the following items.

1367_10201121497432451_1764122710_n925 Silver Indian Traditional Silver Night Lamp – 15104
This is just beautiful… a great piece of beauty. This royal night lamp is more attractive in day time with its cute silver carving. Its unique design would add beauty during night time with amazing light show.

Best Deals Fish Mouth Silve Flower Pot   15070   Makemyhome.com925 Silver Fish Mouth Silve Flower Pot – 15070
This would have my second option which will perfectly suit to night lamp. This silver flower pot has unique fish design with nice carving on it. This will help to add two natural beauties flowers and silver. Silver would get flowers fragrance and flowers will get silver reflection on it.

WUD1243A_1Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount with Hand Painted Work
I also found a royal wall mount décor to place the silver flower pot. This wood crafted, hand printed wall mount is a perfect for my dream mahal. This wall mount is of peacock shape and peacock is a symbol of majestic beauty.


WUD1243Did you like my dream Mahal? Lovely….fabulous….I was day dreaming….Because I just visited one online shoppie Make my home …. All these items I found available in reality at this online store. Find your dream décor items with make my home.


This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at

Picture Courtesy: Screen shots from