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My MaxFresh Move 1

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Memories

I am dance lover. I do participate in dance programs wherever I get chance. But I am very shy to post my videos on social channels. So when I entered the third phase of #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda, I was not sure whether I can submit my video for this activity.

There were many reasons. One question was who will do the shooting, as my family member didn’t like my participation in dance activity at this age. ( I strongly believe that “Age is just a number”) And friends could help me for that but most of my friends are not nearby and their free timing was not matching with mine. The other problem I faced while shooting the song was I had to start record button for camera, I have to start music with phone and I have to take my position. I managed all these things anyhow but the next problem was with editing. I tried to add caption and title but failed with it.


Anyways, the #MaxFreshMove song is so energetic that I could not stop myself doing some moves. Dancing with our own moves after watching superstar Allu Arjun was quite difficult. I could not copy his fantastic moves, but did my best. Hope after watching this, it will encourage you to dance on this fantastic tune of #MaxFreshMove

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”


Mumbai is well known as “The economic capital of India”. The city is also a major commercial as well as entertainment center of India. However, for last one decade Mumbai has achieved a new recognition as medical tourism hub. So, how dud Mumbai gain this identity? The answer lies in the first class and affordable medical treatments it makes available to its inhabitants.

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Wash Bucket Challenge

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Memories
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Laundry was always a tedious work for me. Especially when I have to sort clothes before I actually wash the, in different categories like daily wear, weekly cleaning of curtains -bed sheets, non-colourfast clothes. Apart from it also require special attention for sorting to be done based on light color and delicate fabric.

When I recall my childhood memories of laundry, I do remember that my dad always helped my mom as she was a working woman. He used to wash his clothes and also taught us to help her in laundry. I do remember the first washing machine we purchased. It was a cylindrical washing machine, not the branded one and it would just rinse the clothes. But my dad ordered it from a private reseller, to make my mom happy.

Kids learn what we teach them. Since my dad was helpful, my brother learned from him that laundry has to be shared. So my Bhabhi is happy when my brother helps her in laundry. I want to take one step ahead, by teaching my son the same lesson. But this can be done only if he watches his father doing the same. So I gave this challenge to my husband and asked him to do his laundry henceforth. I understand my son is busy in his study. However, I want him to learn that “Laundry Is Not Only A Woman’s Job”

????Since he loves football, his clothes have to be that dirty. But when he saw his father washing his clothes, he came there with curiosity. And he realized that how difficult it is to wash clothes. He has a habit to throw his clothes in bucket for washing. He now understood why he should keep his dirty clothes separately and help in sorting the clothes before washing. For me this realization is the first step, that he will surely believe that “Laundry Is Not Only A Woman’s Job”

Even my husband now believes that clothes can shine like new with Ariel Matic pack, when he took this #WashBucketChallenge. Now, it’s not just my view, but even my family members believe that Ariel Matic is a complete solution for collar/cuff stains, chocolate, tea.

I would love to hear your personal experiences about #WashBucketChallenge, please do comments below about it.

This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India.

YES or NO…

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Memories

There are always two different views on any topic. YES…or NO And as pre-marital sex itself is a topic of debate, then there are going to be a lot hullabaloo.

When I read the topic pre-marital sex  on Indiblogger , I just neglected it. It’s likesomething against my image. We are taught since our childhood, not to talk about many such subjects in open, not even with our parents and not even with our spouse.

Basically, for years we are following this rule. Now it has become a habit for us. Most of the time people look very strangely, when anyone utter a word about it. Some of us might say that it’s just against our Sanskar. No religion allows to speak about such subjects. When I was young, even I followed the same rule. I was not allowed to even hear anything related to sex. My parents were too orthodox. I was not allowed to see any film, forget about adult films. And that impact is still there, I refused to even think on topics like pre-Marital sex….. even now. I am married, I followed the rules that are followed for generations..but the point is ……being an adult why my mind still not responding to think about it. Why I cannot say to myself what I feel ?…. Whether it is right or wrong……What if I have to think from my point of view…. What if I have to think from my friend’s point of view and what if I have to think as a parent? Do I have different views at each level?

We eat when we feel hungry. We drink water when we are thirsty. We are very clear that these are our basic needs. Having a sex is also a physical and emotional need. I do agree with this as a third person. Then having a premarital sex is not at all bad, since it’s the basic need of any human being. However, this is activity where two persons are involved. And once, there are two people involved, we cannot say what is good and what is bad. It depends on the emotional needs of those two persons. Also depends on the nature of each individual. One cannot have premarital sex and then rush to have legal advice if he/she finds the other person has cheated him/her.

This happens in most of the rape cases. The emotionally weak person becomes a target for other person. And when that emotionally weak person finds that he has been cheated by other , seeks a legal advise. If you are strong enough to accept that the other person may cheat you, you will also have to face the society and family in case you are being cheated….if you are strong enough to face all those after effects…then the person can think about premarital sex.

However, being a true friend I would never suggest my friend to have a premarital sex. Being a parent , I would never like my kids will be involved in premarital sex, forget about safe or unsafe.I am writing this post as a part of indiblogger activity Poonaam Uppal’s True Love – A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.

Safety Begins with me

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Memories
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Every Saturday you may find Mirchi-Limbu at every signal and corner of road. Every vehicle owner ties that to vehicle, in a belief that it will protect their vehicle. When I see this every Saturday, I really wonder does these helps from accidents? Taking care of ourselves and following road safety rules are not important?

Nissan Safety Driving Forum5In India, the major problem is we are not at all disciplined. I always found this situation at local trains and bus depots. If we follow some protocol then boarding on public vehicle becomes easier, it saves time and energy. However, we never pay attention to it and follow our own rules everywhere.

Lack of discipline is the major problem with almost all drivers. In case of car, people do not want to fasten the belt. The moment they see traffic police on the corner, they tie it and immediately after few distance, they free themselves from the belt. This happens because we are only cared about skipping from fines. Does the seat belts are meant for traffic police? Why don’t we understand it for our lives? It is good for the person who is driving, other persons in the car and also for pedestrians too.

I think road safety does not start when you are driving. Road safety starts with you and Your Life Is In Your Hands.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum3When I say road safety starts with us … it includes “me” too… I normally don’t drive. But, whether I am sitting on front seat or back seat, I never forget to use the seat belt. Why it is necessary? Few days back, I had seen one video where the person drives along with his wife to florist. That florist is nearby their home. So wife is not wearing the seat belt. The man gets down the car, saying he will collect the flowers in two minutes. The moment he gets down, one car dashes his car from back side. Since his wife is not wearing seat belt, she gets badly hurt. So, now we can understand how important it is to wear seat belts even if we not on long drive. One should always wear a seat belt, the moment we seat in the car.

The second important etiquette that every driver must follow is to never attend the cell phones while driving. Eating, listing music (to some extend), changing radio stations etc. distracts you. It’s not about just attending cell phone, it’s about texting too. So, we should always avoid the things which can distract us while driving. Every driver must learn to “Keep eyes on the ROAD and hands upon the WHEEL”

Nissan Safety Driving ForumAnd the third rule must follow rule by the driver, while driving and changing the lanes. Drivers take their own decisions while changing the lane and they just ignore the signals. Signals too are meant for our safety. If I am taking auto rickshaw then also I will ask him to follow the signals very strictly.

The change starts with me. However, we should be self-discipline. We should not wait till, someone will come and change our mindset regarding our own safety.

Nissan is trying to bring the needed change in the mindset of the masses regarding driving and road safety. And I am contributing my part to convey the same message to my readers by participating in Indiblogger activity Nissan’s Safety Driving Forum

You can also refer few books on the road safety here #NSDF #Nissan

Aamir khan is known for his perfection. So when we see him in any advertisement, before looking at the ad , we start thinking what is the unique and distinguished point included in it. He is appearing in one ad where he speak about how we treat our guest. Guests – the one which visits our country, who want to know more about our ancient history and curious to know about it. And the way we treat them is not the right way. Just because few persons cheat, we create a bad impression about every Indians.

Same scenario is seen in case of cleanliness. When any foreign aeroplane lands in India, the first thing come into view is slum area. What is the use of having cleaned airports when we have already showed them, our cleaning vigilance?

Now since our Prime Minister has started the campaign “Swatch Bharat” everyone has started showing how cautious they are regarding “Swatch Bharat”. I really wonder how much serious these people are about sanitation and hygiene. Their intention is clearly visible when they pose in front of camera with broom. According to me, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are the basic things are the part of our schooling studies. Most of the school books even college books cover this issue. And still we don’t learn it. Why?

These are not just subjects that should be taught in school or college to cover the portion. These are not even subjects that can be theoretically taught and never checked how many are actually implementing it. We can’t even force anyone about it. This is a very crucial part of our life and every mother should take initiative to teach her kids. The way we say Charity begins at home….we can say hygiene and sanitation starts at home.

Kids always follow their parents. So when they see, when they observe their parents observe basic sanitation habits very strictly. The 6-7 month kid also has that grasping power to understand that his/her parents doesn’t like if they throw anything on the floor. They do it repeatedly as they enjoy it. But parents have to be very patient and make him understand that it’s a bad habit. Same way, when he learns to eat he throws the food stuff out of plate. But when he understands that this is a bad habit and my parents don’t like it, they learn to keep the food in their plate itself. Same way they learn that they should brush their teeth in the morning as well in the night. In short sanitation habits can only be taught at early age. If we try to mould them afterwards by giving lectures on hygiene, it is going to be difficult for us as well as for them to adopt it.

How good hygiene and sanitation can affect India at large!
Have you noticed why we need to carry the campaigns like “swatch Bharat”. It is very simple – because the people who are throwing litter do not have the habit of throwing it at the place where it should be thrown. In short people have bad habits to throw the litter anywhere except the dustbin. And it happens because their parents have never taken care to teach them it at proper place.

I heard by many that once they go out of India, they don’t wish to come back. The reason they give is – those countries are cleaner than India. My question to those people, why they do not carry the same habits here. The moment they enter India, they forget all those sanitation and hygiene habits at airport and start behaving carelessly. Don’t you think our small habit of hygiene can make a big difference?
This is my view about #Swachhindia initiative. What’s your view regarding this issue? You can participate in campaigns And even can express with the hashtag #swachhindia.

My contribution to Akshaya-Patra

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Memories

Few days back I was surprised to see news on google “Man Installs Refrigerator Outside his Home to Feed the Needy” This is really a different thinking.

Most of us buy fridge even it is in good condition. The reasons varies like we want new model of fridge, we want bigger size and so on. Normally, while buying we do not forget to ask the dealer how much he will deduct amount in exchange of old fridge. But we never think differently as this man has thought and done. His simple act of installing the fridge outside his house, can serve fresh food to many needy. Since it is outside the house, even neighbors or passerby can use it to store the food instead of throwing it.

akshaya-patra-blogaddaIt has been observed in most cases that the food we donate is not immediately consumed by the person. Even we do not take care to preserve before giving it to needy person. So does it really a good habit to donate food which is not at all hygienic? If the food which we cannot eat for some reason, how the other person can eat it?

However, it is not always that we give the unhygienic food to others. I have observed it many times, that beggars collect the food which we throw in dustbin or outside our house or even outside food courts. So unknowingly we contribute to feed unhealthy food to others.

I really find this man who has installed a refrigerator outside his house has done a great thing. How? Many celebrities, rich people pose while donating food to needy people. However, he has done a very small thing where many other can contribute. He has not done it for frame.

May be that small news was imprinted in my mind and when I saw ‘One blog post can feed one child for a year!’ I thought why not contribute a small drop in Akshay Patra? I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Ab Montu Bolega

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Memories

My journey for day starts with catching a rick, then I jump into local train, then I catch metro and finally reach the office. And at each stage of journey, I find lot of posters …..Sometimes at the back side of auto, above window in local train, in bus or platform walls, poles…..I strongly feel that this disturbs the beauty of city.

When I reached office today, I have seen message from my friend Shilpa regarding #AbMontuBolega campaign. This is a part of indiblogger activity regarding Strepsils campaign (Facebook andTwitter) that focuses on how important it is to open up and talk our mind out. The reason is ,we don’t take initiative to speak our mind out and in most cases we are stopped by others from doing so. Ab Montu Bolega is to stop those who stop us. We really need to speak loudly about our thoughts that we had been holding back for years.

Since our Prime Minister has announced regarding “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. We see everyone has started using this idea to brand themselves. They smile in front of camera with broom. Does this mean they are really cleaning the city? They either clean a path or part of road which is already cleaned or cleaned by their followers before they arrive.

I strongly feel that this Abhiyan is not for showcase. And “Swachhata” (cleanliness) does not mean holding a broom in hand. And why we need to clean the city with broom when we are already have paid employees for that work( with respective authorities like municipality etc)? I have so many questions in my mind and lot of answers in mind. But now I will not keep those with myself. I am using #AbMontuBolega to speak up my mind
1. There are dustbins provided by local authorities, then why we don’t use it?
From now onwards, I will show where the dustbin is. And request him/her to use it.
2. Why we can’t stop ourselves from throwing things anywhere? Why we do not train ourselves to through the litter at the provided place. The reason is we are not trained that way, since our childhood. Our kids can help us to keep our city clean.
3. Why people use walls to post the advertisements? This disturbs the beauty of the city. If I see anyone posting such posters or hoardings, I will strongly oppose them.
4. Why people spit anywhere they feel? While in bus, train, auto or even while walking. I really hate the people who spit. If I see any one spitting anywhere then I am going to shout out loudly. At least, they will feel ashamed and stop doing it.
5. Bus stop is the place where we can get down from bus or we can catch the bus. But normally I find people mistaken why the bus stops are meant for. Many hawkers use it to store their belongings, and even few make it their home too. We need to stop this and contact the related local authorities regarding it immediately.
When we want our city clean, we have to stop doing many things and we also have to adopt many habits that will lead to cleaning the city. These are the few things I notice everyday around me. And now, it’s time to speak out!

Montu can’t raise his voice in various social situations due to parental pressure or peer pressure. But now he learned how to speak out his mind. And I am taking one step ahead his efforts by contributing to #AbMontuBolega. Because ……Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Strepsils ke saath #AbMontuBolega.,

My childhood memories

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Memories

Yesterday, my neighboring friend …..she is four year old cute girl….came to me and demanded chalk. As an artist, I love who take interest in any art form. I was about to give her colored chalk…. She changed her mind and demanded to switch on the TV…she wanted to watch her favorite cartoon “Chota Bhim” I watched it for few minutes and asked her where are other four brothers of Chota Bhim? She looked at me as if she has never seen a foolish person than me….” Which brothers?” Then his mom rectified me , this cartoon character is different than the Mahabharata Bhima… Today’s generation is so different.

As a kid , I was fond of reading “Kishore” “Chandoba” These two were my favorite magazine then. I am shy since childhood 😛 so whenever my mother took me with her or whenever we use to visit any family friend , my preference was to find some book in that house and sit quietly reading it. I never had been in playing any games. We were staying in Shahpur, a small town in Thane. I still remember the fair in Shahpur in the month of March. The street from main town to till the God Shankar Mandir would be crowded during that period. This was the best time I spend with my great granny visiting this fair every year. My dad use to give me one rupee to buy anything I wish. The shopkeeper from whom I use to take Kishore and Chandoba had a stall in this fair. Since he knew me, he use to keep aside some interesting story book for me. The cost of that small story book was around thirty paise, twenty paise. So, I use to bargain for 6 or 7 books for the one rupee I had. I had a good collection of all these small story books and all kids’ magazines. My favorite past time is to arrange and rearrange those books in different manner.

I enjoyed reading various kids magazines and kids story books. I never liked cartoon books as such, except Archies.  However, I do have” Isapniti” and “Akbar and Birbal” still with me. I still read those books. You all might find it childish. But,  seriously…. These two books proved a real guidance for me always. When Boss ask us to sit late and complete the work. My colleague is too smart. He says “You know…. Actually I was thinking to complete this work and then go….I don’t like to keep pending anything”  We all nod. But we all know …. Actually fox is finding grapes sour…

My other all-time favorite story is thirsty crow…..We always face this situation… Not in just office….but sometimes with family members too. Specially with mother-in-law… And yes I have to use some tricks to come out from that situations… I would not explain regarding this more …  :p

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That Gentle Touch….true love

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Memories

Aarya’s car gracefully entered the parking area, he got down and turn towards the lift. All the way he was thinking about his current project. Since he has been promoted to his post as a business head, he was going through lot of tensions.

He was about to enter the lift and seen Shipra’s message on his mobile. While entering the cabin, he glanced at it and found it is blank. However, he could not think about it anymore as the first preference was his 11 am meeting. He gave instructions to his secretary and started checking other arrangement about today’s meeting. He switched off his mobile ,

2 pm

Aarya was feeling relaxed as his meeting was successful and this assignment would fetch core’s of profit for the company. He asked his secretary to give him the details of other scheduled program for today. His secretary said,” Nothing special meetings for today sir, as you said you will be going home early. And convey my wishes to Shipra madam” Aarya was shocked, “ wishes ? for what?”

“Sir, today is Shipra mam’s birthday. I have already kept ready the gift, you have ordered for her last week.”

Aarya now realized what happened. He has not wished his wife in the morning. He hurriedly took the mobile and found more than 10 blank messages from her. Ohhh….Actually he thought to wish her last night…. Exactly after 12 am …. But how he forgot…. Today’s meeting and that assignment was also important for him and he was thinking about it last night.

Money is important for me, but certainly not more than my beloved wife Shipra. This is a great mistake from me and she has not uttered a word about it, In the morning, she gave as usual smile, even though I forgot to wish her. She is my true companion…. She knows me very well and she supports me at every possible point. She could have very well fought with me and ruined my morning. But she is so sweet as usual, when I met her for first time, I really loved the way she was taking care for her sister.

Though I have taken a gift for her, it is worthless compared to her importance in my life. How I can rectify this mistake? By giving her costly gift? By taking her to movie? By arranging a huge surprise party at night? By taking her to long drive? By arranging a long vacation this week?

Suddenly Aarya got up , informed her secretary that he is leaving for home. He came out but still was not sure whether he will succeed in what he is thinking.

When he reached home, he carefully unlocked the door and taken care that he will not make any sound. He entered the house and found that Shipra is sitting in balcony with sad face. He quietly kept his both the palm on her eyes. And he could feel the pleasant smile on her face. It was the golden moment for both of them. Neither he has to say sorry to her, nor Shipra uttered any word. But he could feel that smile with his palm. Silence has proved their love once again. But there was something in between them. What was it? A gentle touch…. A touch that binded true love once again….#BringBackTheTouch


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