Ab Montu Bolega

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Memories

My journey for day starts with catching a rick, then I jump into local train, then I catch metro and finally reach the office. And at each stage of journey, I find lot of posters …..Sometimes at the back side of auto, above window in local train, in bus or platform walls, poles…..I strongly feel that this disturbs the beauty of city.

When I reached office today, I have seen message from my friend Shilpa regarding #AbMontuBolega campaign. This is a part of indiblogger activity regarding Strepsils campaign (Facebook andTwitter) that focuses on how important it is to open up and talk our mind out. The reason is ,we don’t take initiative to speak our mind out and in most cases we are stopped by others from doing so. Ab Montu Bolega is to stop those who stop us. We really need to speak loudly about our thoughts that we had been holding back for years.

Since our Prime Minister has announced regarding “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. We see everyone has started using this idea to brand themselves. They smile in front of camera with broom. Does this mean they are really cleaning the city? They either clean a path or part of road which is already cleaned or cleaned by their followers before they arrive.

I strongly feel that this Abhiyan is not for showcase. And “Swachhata” (cleanliness) does not mean holding a broom in hand. And why we need to clean the city with broom when we are already have paid employees for that work( with respective authorities like municipality etc)? I have so many questions in my mind and lot of answers in mind. But now I will not keep those with myself. I am using #AbMontuBolega to speak up my mind
1. There are dustbins provided by local authorities, then why we don’t use it?
From now onwards, I will show where the dustbin is. And request him/her to use it.
2. Why we can’t stop ourselves from throwing things anywhere? Why we do not train ourselves to through the litter at the provided place. The reason is we are not trained that way, since our childhood. Our kids can help us to keep our city clean.
3. Why people use walls to post the advertisements? This disturbs the beauty of the city. If I see anyone posting such posters or hoardings, I will strongly oppose them.
4. Why people spit anywhere they feel? While in bus, train, auto or even while walking. I really hate the people who spit. If I see any one spitting anywhere then I am going to shout out loudly. At least, they will feel ashamed and stop doing it.
5. Bus stop is the place where we can get down from bus or we can catch the bus. But normally I find people mistaken why the bus stops are meant for. Many hawkers use it to store their belongings, and even few make it their home too. We need to stop this and contact the related local authorities regarding it immediately.
When we want our city clean, we have to stop doing many things and we also have to adopt many habits that will lead to cleaning the city. These are the few things I notice everyday around me. And now, it’s time to speak out!

Montu can’t raise his voice in various social situations due to parental pressure or peer pressure. But now he learned how to speak out his mind. And I am taking one step ahead his efforts by contributing to #AbMontuBolega. Because ……Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Strepsils ke saath #AbMontuBolega.http://www.abmontubolega.com/,


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