My childhood memories

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Memories

Yesterday, my neighboring friend …..she is four year old cute girl….came to me and demanded chalk. As an artist, I love who take interest in any art form. I was about to give her colored chalk…. She changed her mind and demanded to switch on the TV…she wanted to watch her favorite cartoon “Chota Bhim” I watched it for few minutes and asked her where are other four brothers of Chota Bhim? She looked at me as if she has never seen a foolish person than me….” Which brothers?” Then his mom rectified me , this cartoon character is different than the Mahabharata Bhima… Today’s generation is so different.

As a kid , I was fond of reading “Kishore” “Chandoba” These two were my favorite magazine then. I am shy since childhood 😛 so whenever my mother took me with her or whenever we use to visit any family friend , my preference was to find some book in that house and sit quietly reading it. I never had been in playing any games. We were staying in Shahpur, a small town in Thane. I still remember the fair in Shahpur in the month of March. The street from main town to till the God Shankar Mandir would be crowded during that period. This was the best time I spend with my great granny visiting this fair every year. My dad use to give me one rupee to buy anything I wish. The shopkeeper from whom I use to take Kishore and Chandoba had a stall in this fair. Since he knew me, he use to keep aside some interesting story book for me. The cost of that small story book was around thirty paise, twenty paise. So, I use to bargain for 6 or 7 books for the one rupee I had. I had a good collection of all these small story books and all kids’ magazines. My favorite past time is to arrange and rearrange those books in different manner.

I enjoyed reading various kids magazines and kids story books. I never liked cartoon books as such, except Archies.  However, I do have” Isapniti” and “Akbar and Birbal” still with me. I still read those books. You all might find it childish. But,  seriously…. These two books proved a real guidance for me always. When Boss ask us to sit late and complete the work. My colleague is too smart. He says “You know…. Actually I was thinking to complete this work and then go….I don’t like to keep pending anything”  We all nod. But we all know …. Actually fox is finding grapes sour…

My other all-time favorite story is thirsty crow…..We always face this situation… Not in just office….but sometimes with family members too. Specially with mother-in-law… And yes I have to use some tricks to come out from that situations… I would not explain regarding this more …  :p

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