That Gentle Touch….true love

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Memories

Aarya’s car gracefully entered the parking area, he got down and turn towards the lift. All the way he was thinking about his current project. Since he has been promoted to his post as a business head, he was going through lot of tensions.

He was about to enter the lift and seen Shipra’s message on his mobile. While entering the cabin, he glanced at it and found it is blank. However, he could not think about it anymore as the first preference was his 11 am meeting. He gave instructions to his secretary and started checking other arrangement about today’s meeting. He switched off his mobile ,

2 pm

Aarya was feeling relaxed as his meeting was successful and this assignment would fetch core’s of profit for the company. He asked his secretary to give him the details of other scheduled program for today. His secretary said,” Nothing special meetings for today sir, as you said you will be going home early. And convey my wishes to Shipra madam” Aarya was shocked, “ wishes ? for what?”

“Sir, today is Shipra mam’s birthday. I have already kept ready the gift, you have ordered for her last week.”

Aarya now realized what happened. He has not wished his wife in the morning. He hurriedly took the mobile and found more than 10 blank messages from her. Ohhh….Actually he thought to wish her last night…. Exactly after 12 am …. But how he forgot…. Today’s meeting and that assignment was also important for him and he was thinking about it last night.

Money is important for me, but certainly not more than my beloved wife Shipra. This is a great mistake from me and she has not uttered a word about it, In the morning, she gave as usual smile, even though I forgot to wish her. She is my true companion…. She knows me very well and she supports me at every possible point. She could have very well fought with me and ruined my morning. But she is so sweet as usual, when I met her for first time, I really loved the way she was taking care for her sister.

Though I have taken a gift for her, it is worthless compared to her importance in my life. How I can rectify this mistake? By giving her costly gift? By taking her to movie? By arranging a huge surprise party at night? By taking her to long drive? By arranging a long vacation this week?

Suddenly Aarya got up , informed her secretary that he is leaving for home. He came out but still was not sure whether he will succeed in what he is thinking.

When he reached home, he carefully unlocked the door and taken care that he will not make any sound. He entered the house and found that Shipra is sitting in balcony with sad face. He quietly kept his both the palm on her eyes. And he could feel the pleasant smile on her face. It was the golden moment for both of them. Neither he has to say sorry to her, nor Shipra uttered any word. But he could feel that smile with his palm. Silence has proved their love once again. But there was something in between them. What was it? A gentle touch…. A touch that binded true love once again….#BringBackTheTouch


This post is the part  of Indiblogger activity #BringBackTheTouch

  1. Nitin 'fLanker' Balodi says:

    Very common for mercenaries. Beautifully explained and the real meaning of life is there in your post. We toil to provide a comfortable life for our beloved. If we ignore the sources or events those bring happiness for them then, we are not accomplishing our real mission

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