My dream 24K home

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Memories

I joined new office last month and was very happy …. Because I heard that the renovation work will start in next week. It’s so amazing, you start a new work and immediately you get the opportunity to have holiday. But then second week I saw everyone is busy in suggesting their views for renovation.
I don’t know how, but even I started searching online different sites so that I can contribute my part for renovation of the new office. Everyone else was giving their opinion regarding wall color, bathroom fittings and other furniture. But I thought my suggestion should be something special, so that my creativity will be noticed by my new collogues. To my surprise, my Indiblogger account helped me truly, as  #happyhour post topic was about #24KLiving. I landed on the website and was excited to see the various options for home and office decorations.

I suggested other office mates about the innovative Demountable ceilings , as I believe ceiling also play an important role in office atmosphere. Everyone liked this suggestion with the unique style of customizing the roof. This Metallic Ceiling was just looking fantastic at the same time providing proper space for lighting and other installations such as speakers. And the silver color was looking amazing and was perfect matching with other office furniture as well as light wall color.

After everyone was taking interest in my suggested options of the ceiling, we further started looking for the matching wall options and other accessories. We found Metal effect wall tiles which would go perfect with the ceiling we have selected.

kitchen1After this selecting the office decoration items, I couldn’t stop myself from selecting few things that would be great for my dream home too.
I loved the kitchen furniture, specially the countertops. I have selected one for my dream home which will best suits my kitchen requirement and storage needs. Enough of storage place, simple and bright white color. This will give a lot energy while cooking. Wall facing sink will be easier to work with wet. Just above the sink, handy cabinet to store the things. I found Porcelanosa have specially designed this kitchens furniture for me with perfect functionality and a lot space that will make daily tasks easier. I loved the kitchen chimney design too. I think this modular kitchen design is specially made for my dream home.

vestidor_gamadecor_03What is the must have furniture  for my dream home… A perfect wardrobe.  Buying dresses is my second hobby. I can’t stop myself from buying a costume even though I am not thinking to buy it. So for this I really need a laaaaaaaaaarge wardrobe. Just like this one….here I can choose my dress very easily. Spacious place to hang the clothes . Nice drawers  to keep my jewellery, shoes and bags handy. This will save my time for searching matching pairs

This post is the part  of activity  #24KLiving of indiblogger


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