Blow whistle to make ‘open-defecation free’ village

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Memories

freeteThe famous movie character Bunty and Bubli reached the very small village, Rampur. You must be aware of these famous movie character and there “karnamas” in movie. When they reached Rampur, Bubli was excited to see the greenery everywhere and the beauty of that small village. Since they decided to leave their past in town and start new life in some small village, they both found Rampur perfect for their rest of life.

They taken tonga from station and reached the Rampur. Babli was excited when she was watching old temple, well, bullock-kart, rice paddy while they was in tonga. They taken one small hut on rent and dreamed to have their own house in this village very soon.

2But the next day Bunty found that Babli is not happy. He was curious …. What made Babli so disturbed.Finally he broke the silence and asked her and was surprised to what she replied. Babli was not happy with the sanitation system followed by the villagers. Bundty laughed and said “this is the system followed for years, in almost all the villages. You never knew about it?” Babli said “I lived in city since my childhood and it is very difficult for me to adjust with this system.” Bunty asked her to adjust herself with this sanitation system of the village followed for years.

However, Babli thought something and decided to start the awareness among the villagers. This was difficult but not impossible. So she started having word with the neighboring women. To her surprise, they were not at all careful about this matter. She started explaining them the disadvantages of defecating in open and how it will adversely affect their life. Babli was aware that if she could make understand the importance of toilet to every woman of village, then it is very easy to spread the message with others. If one woman is educated, then her family gets that knowledge automatically.

4Babli then visited the school master. With the school teacher’s help, she gave a different approach to her ‘open-defecation’ free village. She also taken initiative to build one common toilet in the village with the help of Sarpanch. But still few person refused to cooperate Babli’s campaign. So she used the idea that villagers in one of the small village of MP has followed. She gave whistles to kids and asked them to whistle it, if they see any one defecating in open. This will make that person ashamed of it. And it worked.

Basically Babli found that there are 2 different approaches, one is inadequacy of toilets and the habits of the people. Constructing toilets is not enough. There has to be social awareness among the rural people about it. Domex , a known sanitation brand is trying to provide the long term sanitation solution through their Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme. You can contribute for their efforts just by one click. With your every click , Domex will contribute Rs.5 for making villages open defecation free.


Post written to support the Domex and indiblogger initiative

  1. Very nicely written Manisha… 🙂 love the approach..

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