Sweet little girl

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Memories

This is the chapter XXIV aka 19 (Round 3 )of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of#CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter  , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Roohi was feeling drowsy. But that small kid was very confused about all the incidents that were happening around her. Her thoughts were very loud, ‘Mamma was right….I am a bad girl…If I would have not gone away from my mom and dad, I would have been at home. I would have been having dinner with my papa and mamma. Though they fight sometimes with each other, they both love me. Mamma always helps me in my activities completion. Papa helps me in writing essays.

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‘My papa is so strong. That man would never have even touched me. My dad would have given him a nice punch. How he picked me rashly. My dad always takes care of me. Okay, I appreciate that he gave me chips…. But still I didn’t like that person.

‘Actually I liked that aunty…. Jenni aunty… she is so cute. Her camera was awesome too. …How about having such camera for us? I will ask Mamma to gift me a camera, this birthday.’ Roohi smiled thinking about her idea of birthday gift.

Roohi then remembered the drive she had with Jenni. ‘My mamma says that we should never talk to a stranger. But, this stranger Jenni aunty shared coffee with me. She was just like a Superwoman … WoW…the way she was driving the bike!

‘She even tried to take me to grandpa’s house. But that bad guy…She is not strong at all…She could not fight with him….my papa is right… I should learn karate. It is very necessary. If I will learn karate…then I will fight with such bad guys. I will never ever disobey my papa now. But when I will see him?

Grandpa is also not with me now….why he went outside…What if that man appears here again?

Shall I call Mamma and Papa? I am feeling so lonely here…But both of them surely going to scold me….No…No…I will ask grandpa to call them, when he will back….’

In between her thoughts, Roohi sobbed to sleep.


Krishna was sitting near the bed and was watching Roohi. He felt proud of himself. He was with Mr.Gupta since childhood. His father also served Mr.Gupta. He always proved to be a helping hand to Badi Maa (Tara’s mom). He was in school when Tara madam got married. He has learned computer, just because Tara madam encouraged him to learn.

Photo :end-your-sleep-deprivation.com

Photo :end-your-sleep-deprivation.com

Just fifteen days back Krishna was as usual busy in taking down information on phone to convey Mr.Gupta. Suddenly he had heard some whisper near him and he instantly felt suspicious. He was shocked when he heard Tara’s conversation on mobile. Definitely she was not talking with Shekhar.  He thought that her Tara madam is in some trouble and needs his help. He rushed to the place outside where she was talking but she had left by then.

After giving it some thought, he decided to inform Bade Babu (Mr.Gupta) about it, all in the interest of Tara and Roohi.

When Krishna reached Mr.Gupta’s bedroom, he was in a hurry as he had to rush to attenda seminar and before that he had to give some instructions to his staff over the phone. He looked at Krishna and asked, “Yes Krishna? You need something?”

“Bade Babu, there is something I must tell you.”

“Krishna, we will speak in the evening. I am very busy right now,” Gupta was firm as well as polite.

“Bade Babu, it is urgent… Tara Madam,” Krishna struggled to speak.

“Yes I know she just left. If you want something from her, call her.”

“No Bade babu, our Roohi baby…” and Krishna stopped.

“Look Krishna, I am being late…. Tell me in short. I have no time.”

“Bade babu, our Roohi is in danger.” And he explained to him about Tara’s conversation on phone. Mr. Gupta got worried and startled when he heard that Tara was being threatened by someone. He immediately asked Krishna to keep a watch on Roohi. “Be with her, everywhere she goes. But take care that no one notices you. No one should understand that you are taking care of her. And keep informing me every 2 hours,” he ordered.

Returning back to the present,Krishna continued to look at Roohi who was sleeping peacefully. ‘What would have happened to her if he would have not followed Dutta’s family to Roohi’s school?’ Krishna thought and shuddered a bit.

Then he remembered that he has to call Mr. Gupta.

What is Mr.Gupta’s next step?
When this sweet girl will reunite with her parents? Find out here

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