#CelebrateBlogging with Social Media Event

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Memories

A mail from Blogadda was the best gift I ever received. And why I would not be excited? It was about registration of social media event as a part of #CelebrateBlogging. Being a digi soul, I just grabbed this opportunity to learn more about social media from digital experts from India as well as abroad.

I have used #smwmumbai and many of my friends were eager to know what it is? It is a worldwide event held at the same time in 11 cities like Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Mumbai, Rome, Rotterdam, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Johannesburg. The agent of this event was exploring the social media impact on us. Social media has become a necessity and it has various social and economical aspects involved in it. The discussion also involved its impact on various industries like health care, travel and other businesses. At Social Media Week’, the world’s most reputed influencers, India’s social media savvy politicians and authors shared their perspectives.

Due to some misunderstanding I missed the first day events. I was feeling alone as my other friends could adjust their schedule to attend this event. But to my surprise I did not get time to think about even breakfast and lunch as I had social media on menu all the day. There were 4 sessions going simultaneously at the venue, Hotel Novotel, Juhu.


I attended the session on 23rd :
• Social content 101: Payal Shaha, Varun Duggirala
• Content and social media marketing on budget:
Navneet Kaushal
• Brand you
• Overview of digital marketing tools
• The age of branded content

What I Learned: Why content marketing is necessary? How content helps to maximize online conversion? At the same time it also increases brand reach. How content distribution should be done? And got content curate tips on too. I liked the session where I learned four Ws of Branding our self. It is also very much possible to influence our community by using four c’s. In short I can say that we need to focus on creating content, curate the content wisely, collaborate it and then see our self as actually turning into a brand.


I attended the session on 24th :

• Social media and travel
• Impact of social media on healthcare
• How to become big if you are making your own app
• Redefining a tourism destination to a tourism brand – Goa

What I Learned: Nowadays every business owner wants to have their own app. One delegate asked the smart question, and we got the answer for it. Before having an own app, reviewing help us a lot. Through intellectual reviews we can figure out how well it will help to our customers. Creating our own app, just because others are having apps is not the right strategy.

I am working on travel and skincare portal. Therefore today’s, other two sessions were equally important for me. Chitresh Sinha redefined tourism destination to a tourism BRAND. The interesting part was how they use their caption in different way. The interesting part

Panel of Dr. S. M. Akerkar, Dinesh Chindarkar, Dr. Aniruddha Malpani discussed various points about using social media for health care. Most of the time patients do not want to expose their illness on public domain. However, Rahul Avasthy explained with one video that how impressively video can effectively used for health care.

25I attended the session on 25th :
• Speed blogging & ‘tweetathon’
• Doubleclick digital marketing secrets:
• Artist – fan direct connect
• Social media for lead generation & sales

What I Learned:
DoubleClick , the paid service is useful for better reach, better targeting & better results. The remarketing discussed in this session was too interesting.The panel with Musician Lesle Lewis discussed how he is dealing with the growing demands of social media.

It was a great experience to meet various renowned people from different sectors like health, music, business and journalism. This year I could just attend 3 days and I missed few sessions too. Now I started planning for my #smwmumbai 2015, so that I will not miss a single day. Big thanks to Blogadda for providing me an opportunity to attend knowledge base fun event.


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