Clues of Roohi’s kidnap

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Memories

Circle of Deceit – Level 2

This is the  chapter XII aka 12 (Round 2)of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of#CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter here , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Shekhar flipped through the last two pictures after that one and in each picture the man appeared in the same body language and facial expressions. He thought, why is he constantly looking at my little daughter in this manner? Did Shekhar just find a clue to his missing daughter?

“Jennifer, can I ask you something if you are feeling fine?” Shekhar asked Jennifer.

Jenni looked at Shekhar’s puzzled face and said “Yes, Mr.Dutta… I am alright now. Please carry on.”

Shekhar, while pointing on one of the snaps she took, pointed towards the mysterious man in its background said, “This man in black jacket is keeping a watch on both of you while you both were in that coffee shop. Did you notice this man when you were talking to Roohi? I find his expression and body language suspicious.”


Photo : Google

As Jennifer glanced over the photo, her expression turned from curiosity to shock in a span of a couple of seconds. She almost shouted, “Oh… Mr. Dutta… He is the man… I remember his black jacket and his yellow and white stripped t-shirt.

“He is the same man who dashed my bike and snatched your daughter from me. Though he was wearing a helmet, I remember his florescent attire very well. “

Shekhar was speechless for few seconds with an open mouth. Although he had felt something fishy about this man, he hadn’t expected it to be such a major clue behind his missing daughter. He finally asked while trying to hide his feelings of shock as well as worry for his daughter, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, very much,” Jenni said.

“I want these pictures. I have my laptop in my car. I will just be back.”

Shekhar immediately brought his laptop and transferred all the images to it. This is going to be a very important clue to find my sweet heart, he thought.


Photo : Google

He immediately called Tara. He was eager to know what her sources have found till now. As he now had a solid proof of his daughter beingkidnapped,he was of the opinion to contact police. However, Tara didn’t answer his call. Shekhar was puzzled. Is she busy in contacting someone? Or … I just don’t wish to think anything negative…

Is it something related to her work? May be she is involved in some case as a part of her social media profession …may be she is part of a professional sting operation that has touched raw nerves… and may be those people are behind Roohi’s kidnapping …That is why she wants to police not to interfere?

I think it is better go to Mr. Gupta’s place and find out whether she has reached there safely or not… It’s almost 8 years, I neither been to his place nor have I spoke to him. Let me call him and find out whether Tara is there… Shekhar started dialing his father-in-law’s number.

He was finding it embarrassed to call is father-in-law. He thought…now Mr.Gupta will definitely blame me for everything that has happened. He will say that I am not the right person at all to take care of his daughter. How I will face him? I really don’t like this man. But I do not have any other option now. While thinking about Tara and Mr. Gupta, Shekhar reached his car. Finally he made up his mind that he has to reach his father-in-law’s place. He instilled some courage to face that rich man.

On his way, Shekhar was once again bombarded by his thoughts. Why anyone kidnap a person belonging to a middle class family? Oh….Let me reach Mr.Gupta’s place and see if I am able to make any headway into the case. Find out what happened next

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