Lost Love

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Memories

Circle of Deceit – Level 1

This is the  chapter VII aka 7 (Round 1) of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “ Kalakar Colony ” is a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   Read the previous chapter here , or check out all the chapters on our FB page here.

Will the innocent little girl be mercilessly killed?

Image courtesy :peakperspective.com

Image courtesy :peakperspective.com

Roohi, while struggling with the packet of chips, turned her head and noticed the stranger approaching towards her and that too with a knife. She wanted to shout but could not….she could just blame herself for the foolishness she did today….O…My Mama, Papa…just scold me….but this is just unbelievable….I am going to die today….I just want to be with my mama – papa….Please someone help me….. She wanted to scream loud but fright had the better of her voice.

Tara said, “Shekhar, hurry up! Go home and check if Roohi has reached there. Meanwhile I will try to call her best friends. Do not forget to check with neighbors too.”

After giving lot of instructions to Shekhar, Tara hurriedly dialed a number and started talking in a very low voice.

Shekhar thought for a second…Good… that at least she has all those connections with police. Otherwise, these police men, they won’t consider common man’s complaint. But, why they could not find her yet? In fact, when we were having an argument outside the school, it was just a matter of few minutes in which Roohi disappeared. Plus, even Tara called her sources immediately. Roohi cannot go too far in such a small span of time. Why Tara’s reliable sources are taking so long to find my little princess?

He stole a last speculative glance at his wife as he drove away and found her whispering on her cell.. He totally forgot the serious situation they were facing for few seconds. All of sudden he wondered,“What happened to my love, my wife…. Do I really know her? Is it the same ‘Tara’ whom I loved madly? Why she has changed?”

Image courtesy : magforwomen.com

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He remembered the college days, when they used to go for long rides. She had a habit of telling all stories about her friends. Her never ending stories… her sweet voice, her lovely innocent words…. And now ….. she is with me but we are like strangers. She is not sharing anything with me. She knows just to yell at me and nothing else…Infact we had met first time, when I wrote for college magazine. And as a CR of college she congratulated me… Then it went on… we met in various college fests, campaign and every time she praised for my writing. But now she can’t even spare few minutes to read my stories or give me some moral support. She doesn’t even bother to look at what I write.

Am I expecting a lot? I just want her with me for few moments. Where has that love vanished? Why money is so important in life? I am fed up to have this smiling face all the time. Why should I hide my worries behind the smile always? What’s the use of it? Tara doesn’t even notice it. She is just worried about the money…

Suddenly Shekhar found himself near the gate of his society. “Oh….. I reached home….I hope, Roohi is safe!”

He got down from his car, which he parked outside the society compound. But then his eyes fell on the lock. Worse, even their neighbor’s house was locked. Oh… so Roohi is not here….. Even Tara hasn’t called…..

He rushed back to his car and called Tara, “Tara!!!!!!  Roohi is not at home! Did you call her friends? Any clue?”

“No Shekhar! She is not with any of her friends……I guess ….I mean….let me check, if she is with Papa.”

Shekhar,“She has never been alone anywhere. Do you think she will be there …..I mean, how is she going to reach a place as far as Walkeshwar?”

“Since papa is not in town. I will go home and check personally.”

Shekhar thought for a second and said, “Wait! Let us go together. I will catch you near Mr.Gupta’s house.”

Tara was surprised because in last ten years Shekhar never had been to her papa’s place, alhough he never restricted her from going there. She has noticed often that, his ever smiling face changes whenever shegoes to meet her papa. She wondered, Oh…is my Shekhar back? Both of us cannot live without Roohi… She is our life…..The only thing which is holding me and Shekhar is Roohi….


Image courtesy :davewasthere.com

Within few minutes she found Shekhar’s car approaching towards her. She rushed and threw herself inside the car. Their car hurried towards the villa of Mr. Rameshwar Gupta, Mumbai’s great industrialist.

As their car took second turn, Tara saw a woman riding a bike on the left of the road, and then she saw the broken helmet and got alarmed … She screamed, “Stop the car Shekhar!”

Who was that lady? Is she Jenifer? Is she in a condition to convey to Shekhar and Tara that their beloved princess is in danger? To know what happened next, click HERE 


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  1. Nicely done Manisha… 🙂 hail to our team…

  2. Cool. Am enjoying the storyline.

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    Amazing guys *thumbs up*

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