Making of dream Mahal

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Memories
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Whenever we plan for vacations, my first choice is visiting forts, palaces and mahals. I still remember my visit to Jaiselmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Chitodgarh. It was just unforgettable vacation to Rajasthan. Lovely weather, nice people, superb food and tremendous beauty of architectural buildings.

Whenever I look at photos of Rajasthan trip, I desperately feel that I should have born in those eras. The beauty of mahals and palaces mesmerize me. Various accessories in the museums tell us the glorious history of ancient India. If I would have born in those era’s what would I have added in my mahal….. ya in my own mahal!

Firstly I would have given preference to silver items. And wooden carved items would also be preferred in my dream mahal. My dream mahal would definitely have the following items.

1367_10201121497432451_1764122710_n925 Silver Indian Traditional Silver Night Lamp – 15104
This is just beautiful… a great piece of beauty. This royal night lamp is more attractive in day time with its cute silver carving. Its unique design would add beauty during night time with amazing light show.

Best Deals Fish Mouth Silve Flower Pot   15070   Makemyhome.com925 Silver Fish Mouth Silve Flower Pot – 15070
This would have my second option which will perfectly suit to night lamp. This silver flower pot has unique fish design with nice carving on it. This will help to add two natural beauties flowers and silver. Silver would get flowers fragrance and flowers will get silver reflection on it.

WUD1243A_1Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount with Hand Painted Work
I also found a royal wall mount décor to place the silver flower pot. This wood crafted, hand printed wall mount is a perfect for my dream mahal. This wall mount is of peacock shape and peacock is a symbol of majestic beauty.


WUD1243Did you like my dream Mahal? Lovely….fabulous….I was day dreaming….Because I just visited one online shoppie Make my home …. All these items I found available in reality at this online store. Find your dream décor items with make my home.


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