Home Decorations during celebrations

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Memories

Ganpati festival is one of the most auspicious festivals and today is the first day of Ganesh festival. We have decorated our house with flowers. Since morning, all women are busy in making various dishes. We enjoyed our food along with the Prasad of Modak. These ten days are the most enjoyable moments of our life. All our relatives will visit in next ten days. We will enjoy Bhanjan offered during these ten days at night. We will have a lot of fun and these ten days gives us a lot of energy for the rest of the year.

During these ten days, I look after the major decoration as well as the daily rangoli and flower arrangement. I get chance to showcase my art via rangoli and I never lose this opportunity. I use various color and various design forms for Rangoli near Ganesh idol. However this year I am going to use the new form of rangoli i.e. reusable rangoli. I must thank Blogadda for giving a nice portal where I found fabulous home decoration items.

All the rangoli options are time-saving, which will allow me to complete the decoration fast and spend the time with friends and relatives. Actually I loved all rangoli options given here and all go well with my selected theme ‘traditional’ for my home Ganesha decoration.

Best Deals Ghasitaram Orange Acrylic Rangoli   Makemyhome.com

These blue and white beads on orange acrylic sheet look so amazing. It is eye-catching design. Since Ghasitaram Orange Acrylic Rangoli is acrylic, I can even use it to decorate the table where Ganesha idol is installed. I have one more amazing design of shankh.

The other rangoli is also made up of PVC sheet and studded with red beads and kundans. Ghasitaram Shankh Rangoli will give me a chance to prove my art by creating different designs using them.

Best Deals Ghasitaram Shankh Rangoli   Makemyhome.com

Kundan studded keri rangoli will allow me give a traditional look to decoration. The clay work done on the wood with color combination of yellow, green and red will add a beauty to our home. I can even make different form using these piece of art –Aapno Rajasthan Wood Clay Keri Floor Art ( Rangoli ) , this means I will be creating a new designs every time.


I have selected Ghasitaram Floating Star Rangoli to gift them to other relatives. This year I am going to have blast with new ideas of rangolis during Ganesh festival.

Best Deals Ghasitaram Floating Star Rangoli   Makemyhome.com

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Picture Courtesy: Screen shots from http://www.MakeMyHome.com.

  1. will use this for the Durga Puja

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