Digital experience at UniverCell

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Memories

Being tech-savy, I grabbed the opportunity given by Indiblogger to visit UniverCell Showroom last Saturday. UniverCell showroom ,Colaba is just near the Jahangir Art Gallary, so I have visited the gallery too while returning to home.

Since my friend was busy, I decided to go alone. However, I knew I will surely meet my indi-friends there. I received a warm welcome by the store assistants, when I entered the showroom. He also gave me short tour of store.

I am here to share with you the amazing experience I had.

As the name suggest the showroom is well synchronized. I loved the way all gadgets were organized in different zones like music, work and play, tab zone. I learned to turn my mobile into a music system at music zone. All the music related accessories like earphone, headphone were well displayed here.

While I was in music zone,my other indi-friend enjoyed a lot at work N Play zone. Just have a look at this zone below. This is great place for multitasking addictsWP_20140823_007

UniverCell volunteers help you at every step but according to me actually you don’t need much help as details of every device were given just next to it. You will understand what I mean, if you see this Asus Phonepad in pic.


4The design of kid’s zone is so beautiful and kids can learn about tabs and other devices by touching it,, interacting and living with it. 3

And finally , most exciting photo booth zone…. I hope here again my pic will say more than words. You can check camera by clicking a photo here. Not just you live digital experience but you play it, capture it, share it.



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