New Era of banking – Jifi

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Memories

When I seen the meet declared about Kotak Mahindra Bank, was excited and wanted to register. But there were no seats available, which disappointed me a lot. However, luckily two days prior when I was checking the status, found that few seats were available. And finally, I registered for it.

I reached bit late, so could not attend the selfie contest. There was a great surprise for us. Everyone was guessing about the guest. I couldn’t believe myself when Chetan Bhaget entered the hall. We all cheered for him and he started with the promotion of his upcoming “2 States”. Then he gave us basic information about Kotak Jifi.

This was the very first event which has live streaming in Mumbai and our blogger friends from Delhi and Bangalure were participating at the same time. Then Mr Manian, Kotak Mahindra Consumer Banking Country head joined the discussion. He answered lot of questions of bloggers. We all were curious about how secure it is to use twitter for banking.

Jifi is actually a fun and simple too. Jifi allows us to synchronize our bank account with social media. We can get update about our account in twitter DM , which are not visible to followers.

j1The best part is Kotak JIfi has zero-balance feature which makes us tension-free. It also allows us to earn social points. Now let me explain you bit about what are social points. To be precise, I will tell you what I earned. After I joined the account, I linked it with my facebook. One of my friends joined the Jifi using my link and I earned points. Ok…. So what is the use of earning these points? I can now transfer my points or can redeem it. You will not believe it but I can recharge my phone, I can book my show, I can buy online through e-bay. It’s really interesting.

You can also get your Platinum debit card with this Jifi account. This debit card has lot of features like earning points when we do online transactions. Buying through this platinum card also allows earning social points.

After we learned so much about this Jifi account, Anup announced a twitter contest. We formed 6 groups. Our blogger friends at Banglore and Delhi also did the same. So group number 1 at Mumbai, Delhi and Banglore was one group, same was the case for all groups. Our group did not win, but it was all fun activity. Finally we had our lunch and while leaving received a nice gift of custom printed tee “I blog therefore you are”


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